21 February 2008

Ah, Knitting Magazines

First, the update: I did not, in fact, cast on for Rusted Root last night. I decided it would be best to finish this hat before allowing myself to be distracted by anything else. I've never been good at the whole knit-project-monogamy bit, but I've found since the new year that I complete things really quickly when I'm not flitting from project to project! It's quite satisfying to zoom through something in a week or two instead of having three UFOs languishing on the needles. Speaking of UFOs, Gretel is coming along swimmingly. I'm at the crown decrease section of the pattern, so before I head to bed tonight, it will probably be finished and delivered to my lucky roommate. Then I can get going on the sweater.

Today I got my first issue of Interweave in the mail (yes, I just became a subscriber, after realizing that I'll save a significant amount of money buying it this way instead of off the stand). I am a huge sucker for cardigans, so I want to knit practically every piece in the spring issue. The Printed Silk Cardigan and the Auburn Camp Shirt are especially appealing. They're both tiny tiny gauge projects, though, making me hesitant about jumping right in.

As far as things I might actually make in the near future, the Drawstring Chemise is at the top of the list, though mine will probably be in a soft pinky gray. The Dovetail Pullover is number two, and I think it would look nice in brown or a darker purple/maroonish color. And since I don't have any yarns that match that description, it may be time for a yarn shopping adventure! It might take place online instead of in person, which means no sneaky feeling up of skeins in dark shop corners (ah, cheap thrills!), but beggars (grad students) can't be choosers.

Enough rambling - more knitting!

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