06 February 2008

Blustery days

The blustery sort of days we've been having lately, the sudden changes in temperature (Good morning! It is 40 degrees out in February, but by this afternoon, we will have a snowstorm and you'll wake up to 8 inches of snow with more pouring down!), and the days that continue to seem shorter and shorter are really doing a number on me. I've been feeling unproductive (probably also because I have been sort of lazy and unproductive) and rushed, as though there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I need to get finished and to take any moments for myself. Anyone else have this sort of reaction to winter? I wouldn't exactly call it grumpiness or anxiety, it's more like a generalized confusion about why I can't indulge my hibernation instincts or something.

I've been trying to combat this by taking a little time to knit each day, and I've got two new FOs to show for it.

The Seed Stitch Scarf

Yarn: Lion Brand Incredible, ribbon yarn
Needles: US 9s, straight needles this time
Pattern: Just some seed stitch. I like how the texture works with short stretches of color.
Verdict: It was made for a friend, and I think she likes it, so success! It's always nice to have a scarf on the needles for a go-to project when I have to concentrate on something else but still want to be knitting.

The Scrappy Mitts

Yarn: leftovers of Regia and Palette
Needles: US1 dpns
Pattern: None, just my own "knit a tube, add a thumb gusset" armwarmer recipe. I'm thinking of writing this thing up and sticking it in a pdf for fun, so if anybody would be interested in having a copy of it, give me a nudge and I might be faster about it :)

(hello, I am blurry)

Verdict: I love these things, and I knit them all the time. Clearly I am obsessed.

Other listy things crowding my brain -

*I'm on Ravelry! Username Perknitious. This place is a lot of fun!

*I'm determined to get a sweater on my needles this week - watch out for an update.

*After being without a phone for over a week and a half (that's how I communicate with family, so I've been feeling really cut off), I got a new phone yesterday! It is red and shiny and I think it is cute. Plus, ahem, it works. Which is the most important part. (Red! Shiny!)

*I just started watching Lost on the abc website. I think I caught all of two episodes when my roommates watched it in college, but now that the whole thing is online and I have so much free time (ha!), I think I may be ready for this. I certainly leave every episode wanting more.

*I should be translating Latin. So I'm going to go do that.

Happy knitting, all!

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