15 January 2007


It's 2007!
There are new things I am feeling inspired to try for the new year, and 15 days in seems like as good a time as any to get started...

Taking a half hour each day for my journal. I started keeping one again back in November, and it's been unbelievably helpful for keeping down my stress level and helping me gather my thoughts.

Getting back into the gym with a vengeance - Christmas break was a (not surprisingly) lazy three weeks, so getting myself back into running and starting up some swimming time will be a fun challenge for the rest of January.

Growing some plants. I'm going by the store after I finish this post to get myself a potted plant. I think my room needs a little bit of greenery.

Always having a scarf on the needles. Right now it's a fuzzy, sparkly purple intended for a friend who has already told me she loves the yarn.

Handsewing adventures - in lieu of ever getting my machine shipped out to Chicago, I'm going to work on small handsewn projects.

I don't have many pictures of my recent knitting, but I will soon. Can't wait to be back in the blogging habit!


may said...

welcome back!! happy 2007

knitting bandit said...

Have you heard of the 100 miles by April 1st at www.runagogo.com ?
Check it out, it's pretty cool and it's keeping me inspired!

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