08 December 2006

Wanted: One Life

My life has been devoured by papers and applications and papers for applications, so I'm not quite all here these days. And the knitting has been completely forgotten for the moment. I'm turning in one paper tomorrow and ought to have the second finished this weekend (this is wishful thinking, but maybe if you all wish along with me it will happen) before I head home, and then Christmas break will be a whole three weeks devoted entirely to leisure activities.
I'll be back soon to report on books (reading for fun! hooray!), socks, and holiday goodness.
Hope you are all well!

PS. the top picture in my last post is of some sort of cabbage. I think it's lovely.


AmyArtisan said...

Hang in there! I'm sure your Christmas break will be a lovely time of doing the things you want. :)

Melissa said...

Hang tough! You can make it!

Although, I can't imagine reading for fun after finals. Maybe if the pages were black and print was white, something to make it different from all of those "I should really read those for class" books. :-)

Enjoy your time off when you reach it!

wendy said...

Good Luck!!!!

marti said...

hmmm. starbucks in seattle when you get home? after all, you have to make the yarn crawl pilgramage don't you?

may said...

hang in there...I did (it got absolutely ridiculous for awhile) and now I'm DONE! :) good luck!!!

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