05 August 2006

Dinner Party

As further evidence that my friends and I are utterly addicted to school, allow me to describe our evening for you.
[note: there are supposed to be pictures, but blogger is being a butthead]
After I made it back from a day of wardrobe enhancement downtown, I ran around like a madwoman putting together a dinner, making a last minute trip (which lasted far too many minutes, since I live far away and the buses aren't running on weekends this summer) to the grocery store for fruit salad fruits, and doing laundry in an attempt to have clean hand towels in my bathroom. And stealing flowers from the front of my building for a charming centerpiece.

Nicole and Steve arrived, were (gratifyingly) appalled by the disgusting heat of my apartment, and we had a leisurely dinner, followed by the most gooey, delicious brownies I've had in... months, made by Nicole.

We then pulled each pulled out a copy of Peter Brown's Cult of the Saints, and proceeded to dissect his arguments, quiz each other on the current state of religious studies, discuss the academic-faith brain disjunct/conjunction, and thoroughly enjoy ourselves for about an hour and a half.
Even in the summer, we've organized a little study group/book club, and each of us will be assigning a text relevant to our own field and hosting a dinner-and-discussion section. This has been really fun so far, and I can't wait for our next get-together, in two weeks.
So now I'm sipping on the dregs of our bottle of wine, debating the relative merits of knitting and an early bedtime (can one knit lying down? I might have to try), and admiring the bangs I just cut for myself.

10 more things:
11. I went to an all-girls' Catholic high school. Across the street from an all-boys' Catholic high school. Not a bad set-up, actually.
12. I am a magpie; bright shiny things seem to mesmerize me.
13. My favorite color is periwinkle.
14. I love country music.
15. Some of my teeth (molars) grew in without enamel on them. They're weird colors and require occasional fluoride treatments and sealants.
16. My sister and I used to spend summers pretending to attend a convent school, wearing inside-out t-shirts pulled back over our hair to look like nuns. (Have you ever seen the movie "The Trouble with Angels"? Hilarious)
17. I won a set of Crayola colored pencils at Old Navy today - woohoo!
18. I know how to play clarinet, french horn, marching mellophone, and tenor saxophone.
19. When I drive alone, I like to take the scenic route and sing along to the radio.
20. I wish I could recognize more constellations.


wendy said...

I'm with you on #20. I see all these charts and think wow that's cool then I look up and it never looks like them.
I watched this movie from Netflix (
http://www.netflix.com/MovieDisplay?movieid=70019837&trkid=190393 )
If We Had No Moon, and was totally surprised to find out that the moon is leaving us and that's not a good thing for us. In fact, when Jesus roamed the Earth the moon was a lot bigger...That would have been a neat thing to see and easier to find in the night sky too.

mf said...

Great periwinkle & country music!!! WOOHOOO!

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