09 August 2006

Contest Winners and, finally, some knitting progress

Ooh, aah, aren't you excited?!

Here are the photos of in-process winner selection :)

The knit-tea party in a box [preview below] goes to -
And the seed stitch sampler [preview below] goes to -
Congratulations to the two grand prize winners; please e-mail me your mailing addresses so I can send out these packages on Saturday (allisonlgray"at"gmail"dot"com). And to everyone who entered by commenting, thanks so much - congratulations to you for setting and meeting some impressive goals.

My knitting has taken a sudden leap forward, and here is the current state of the back of my silk camisole top from Vintage Knits. I should be able to start the front this week, and then it's time for some (Dun dun dunnnnhhhh) seaming.
Last but not least, I received the final package from my beyond-words wonderful SP8, and it's Wendy! I think I am set to knit socks for life on my bendy blue (yay) needles, and I certainly look fashionable with these great earrings. Thank you so much for everything, Wendy :)

More of "the list"
21. My favorite vacation spot is Lake Tahoe.
22. It may look like I enjoy planning, making lists, and organizing everything, but I get a huge thrill out of spontaneity.
23. Peanut butter and raisins on a banana is my favorite snack.
24. I think Christmas lights are cheerful, and I have some up in my room right now.
25. I haven't owned a TV for 5 years, and I don't miss it.
26. I'm allergic to angora yarn. It's very sad.
27. The city I'd most like to visit is Rome. Florence is a close second.
28. I always try to keep some kind of music in my schedule. At UofC, that's been singing alto in a Div School choir.
29. My first job was as a lifeguarding assistant. I helped teach swim lessons, and I was sometimes in charge of handing out those net clothing bags for people to use in the changing rooms.
30. I want to write a novel.


may said...

yay seaming! you can do it!

katie said...

Luck you with all those blue goodies! And your tank is looking great.

Lolly said...

Congrats to the winners!

The blue yarn is lovely. Can't wait to see that knit up ;)

Oh, I wanna go to Tahoe - it sound so serene.

Maggie said...

Cngrats Winners!

Good luck on the seeming, I know that finishing is my least favorite part (maybe because I'm not that good at it)

mf said...

Your silk cami looks awesome!

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