02 August 2006


Welcome to magnificent post #150! As usual, a little later than I expected, but hopefully worth the wait.
First, a quick note to Cecily and Wendy, and any others wondering about the armwarmers - I didn't have a pattern, I just cast on 56 stitches, knit two inches of ribbing, knit until they seemed almost long enough, then did two more inches of ribbing. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants on things like this, and the yarn is so great it seems to do all the work for me!

Just a number:
My recent (and consistent) weigh-ins at 150 lbs. represent a fitness milestone for me that just happens to coordinate well with this bloggy milestone. That's why I chose to celebrate at 150 posts instead of 200 or some other number. For me, the number 150 now reminds me of perseverence, meeting goals, and feeling great. My grand total weight loss over a period of 15 months is at 30 lbs., and I think I've done it all in a reasonable and maintainable way: change of diet, increased exercise, finding supportive and encouraging friends, and feeling good about myself in school, living on my own, and working. Best of all, I'm feeling confident about my ability to keep up with my healthy habits and healthy weight. Hooray!
So in honor of the number 150, I'd like to share some of my current and future goals in knitting and life.
Lots of books:
I've read a ton of books this year. Not all of them have been page-turners, and, sadly, few of them have been novels, but I've learned so much and read such a wide variety of things for class that the lack of fiction wasn't unbearable. Nevertheless, my goal for this coming school year is to read at least 10 novels each quarter. That works out to one per week, which is definitely manageable. If you have recommendations, I'd love to hear them :)
Knitting madness:
I've never made a sweater that involved seaming. In fact, I'm downright afraid of seaming. I can just imagine myself knitting beautiful pieces and then botching up the whole thing when I sew them together wonkily. This year, I'm going to make a sweater with set-in sleeves. I might even try a cardigan (ooh, daring). I've yet to choose a pattern, but since I'm going to wait until September and (hopefully) cooler weather, I've got a bit of time.
I've also never made gloves. Something about having to make 8 fingers just doesn't appeal to me. But! Longtime readers may remember that eggplant never appealed to me either, and now I love it. So I'll give gloves a try. I have some pretty, light blue yarn and a basic pattern, so I have promised to make myself a pair of winter gloves.
Lacy scarf. Must do.
I have friends in so many different places, and I've been able to save a little bit of money from working this summer, so I'm going to make some travel plans for school breaks. I might not go far, but I'd like to go someplace new, someplace I've never been. This one will take a lot more planning, but it's one of my big goals for opening myself up to adventures next year.
Lists (gee, I'm starting this one now!):
For my next 10 entries, I'm going to do that "list of 100 things" that's floating around on so many blogs. I think doing 10 at a time will be more pleasant than putting all 100 at once. I'd like to do more substantive blogging; sometimes I feel like I throw a picture or two up here and let it go at that. I personally am much more interested in blogs that offer more of a glimpse into real life, and I'm ready to make this place entertaining!

Here's my very first list, to show you I've reformed hahaha.
1. My middle name is Leigh. I couldn't spell it right consistently until I was 6, even though I was reading by the time I was 3.
2. I wish I had a pet goldfish, but I haven't actually gone to buy one yet.
3. The first thing I ever knit was a burgundy scarf that turned out too wide and full of holes, but I gave it to my sister as a blanket for her teddy bear.
4. I love to eat frosting on graham crackers.
5. This past year has been the most challenging and the most rewarding in my life so far. I pretty much think that every year.
6. I secretly want to name my first kid Oglethorpe, but I'll probably save that for the goldfish.
7. I prefer hot chocolate to drip coffee. Drip coffee never comes with whipped cream.
8. I'm afraid of all things supernatural (vampires, ghosts, things coming out of the mirror), but things like real-life serial killers or natural disasters don't scare me.
9. I am obsessed with stationery products, but I tend to save them and look at them and pet them instead of ever using them.
10. I've never seen the Godfather movies.

The contest:
Alright, everybody, I've shared some of my successes in the past year with you, and some of my goals for the next year. This blogging community has given me a lot of encouragement, so this little contest is a way of saying "thank you!" to all of you. To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me about a goal you've worked hard for and accomplished, something that you're currently working on, or something you haven't started yet but are planning to do soon. If it's your first time here, don't worry - de-lurking can win you some fabulous loot :) I'll accept all comments as entries up until Tuesday night, then put your names in a hat and draw for two grand prize winners.
Prize #1 - Knit-tea Party in a box
Prize #2 - Seed-Stitch Sampler

Can't wait to read your comments!


PBnJ said...

One of my goals for this year was to learn to knit socks. I am currently on my 3rd pair. Another goal I had was to learn to spin on a spindle. I just recently learned to let the spindle drop and spin while I draft the fiber. Yay! :D

PBnJ said...

Also wanted to congratulate you on your fitness milestone! Good job!

ikkinlala said...

I'm working on making shortbread like my grandma does. I have the recipe, but since it's normally a Christmas thing I haven't practiced much so it never turns out quite right. I've decided to make a few batches this summer, just to practice. I started a few days ago.

wendy said...

My main goal with the whole blogging thing was to get friends and I can honestly say I do now have some.
Thanks for the heads up on the arm warmers and congratulations on the weight.

Maggie said...

My goal this year was to get myself in shape and lose weight, so far I've only lost about ten pounds, but I manage to do much more exercise than I used to. Anyway I love your blog and the armwarmers were very cool!

alimum said...

My current goal is to finish the black dress project (photos and text) before the end of the year. Also to revise a play I wrote years ago into a shape which I feel makes me want to send it out to theatres.

A goal I accomplished (one that is still ongoing): I am still breastfeeding. There were times when I didn't think I would make it to two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and now we are at 20 1/2 months. It is hard to believe.

I am also a knitter named Alison who lives in Chicago. So glad I found you.

Lolly said...

Great idea for a contest, Allison - very inspirational!

I too am on the weight loss journey - close to the halfway point to my goal weight. It feels good, but I have to stay focused for the future!

Sounds like you have some great goals for the future too. Seaming is not difficult, just precise. It takes a little time, but the end result is worth it. I prefer seamless garments too (who doesn't?) but the seaming is a good skill to pick up. Just use your Knitting How-To book of choice, and you're off! Best of luck! :)

Take care~

Suzanne said...

Thank you for such a great 150 post! Congrats to you!

For more than I year I been working on a well deserved promotion at work. I finally received it in July...I was so happy.

may said...

wow...congrats on your fitness milestone!!!

I reached my goal of running 5k/3miles in a little over a month, though I haven't been able to run that distance since then :(

oh, and seaming is fun! I'm not a precise/anal knitter at all, so my seaming always shows signs of...well..shows a human touch ;) I like it better that way!

Elisabeth said...

I like eating frosting on graham crackers, too!

Congrats on your fitness milestone! I know how hard it can be. As for my goal: get a PhD. I've been working on it for six years now, and the end is almost in sight!

cecily said...

My goal for this year was to get back to school. I took a year off, due to feeling reeeeally burnt out, even though I was really close to graduating. Well...after jumping through a ton of hoops, I've been in class for the last two weeks, and have been doing well. And I'll be back as a full time student, starting August 30, and I'll graduate next spring!

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