01 August 2006


Pictures to share for some laughs.

Knitting pictures.

I ended up giving these socks to my friend Nicole, and she really likes them. Hooray!

The yarn for both of these is KnitPicks Simple Stripes.

Entry #150 is next - TOMORROW! Come back for a chance to win fabulous prizes :)


Emily said...

omg--i love the picture of the washing machine!!
ooh, and the socks are awesome. great job :)

Elisabeth said...

Those are the cutest kids ever!

The armwarmer looks wonderful but how could you stand putting it on in this heat????

AmyArtisan said...

What fun kid pics! And the knit projects look great! :)

cecily said...

where did you find the pattern for that armwarmer? i've been looking for one just like it.

wendy said...

I'm with Cecily and the armwarmers

may said...

awww, sooo cute!!

oh, and love the hair!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

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