11 July 2006

Knitty Goodness

By the way, oh my goodness! Can you believe that I've actually been knitting? Looking back over my last few entries, it certainly doesn't look like it... But here is the very latest, fresh off the needles, ready for your viewing pleasure:
A cotton washcloth! (Close-up of the texture because, well, otherwise it's just a square.) I know. Contain your excitement.
But! It is purple, the official color of Project Spectrum July.

In other news, I've been cleaning my apartment, writing a little bit (not much, I admit - I'm hoping for a good, productive weekend) on those papers I have to finish up, and enjoying my busy work schedule. There are a ton of new books and very few summer student workers, so it's like a non-stop flow of literary goodness across my desk every day. Even if most of it is in Russian. Bonus? I'm starting to learn how to transliterate the Cyrillic alphabet :)

How's things where you are?

1 comment:

Elisabeth said...

Love the colors on the dishcloth! Hope to see you at stitch 'n bitch sometime soon!

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