10 July 2006

Vacation Photos!

At long last, some lovely views from my trip through CA, OR, and WA:

I'm especially proud of this one; it was taken through a car window, while driving, but it is still pretty nice.

Don't worry! We aren't actually about to be hit head-on, even though I was worried for a minute. It's just being towed backwards by another truck.

And here are some Pike Place Market fish-flinging merchants.

And the lovely fountain in Seattle Center.

Knitting is still going very slowly, since my work schedule is 9 to 4:30 (oh no! it's like a full-time job! hahaha). I'm working on a dishcloth at the moment, and I'll show you pictures tomorrow. After work.

1 comment:

AmyArtisan said...

Looks like a fun time! :)

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