09 May 2006

A Sock a Day

Roughly, that's what I've been up to this weekend. Evidence can be viewed below:

Friday: S'mores Socks finito!
KnitPicks Sock Memories, S'mores colorway
Cable Twist Socks pattern (links to pdf file) from Hello Yarn
US3 dpns
Love them, but they're for my sister. The marshmallow queen :)

Saturday: Sockapaloooza socks received!
I am so so happy with this marvelous pair of socks, made by my pal Emily of Aqua-Star Knits; she's already in my sidebar! Imagine my surprise when I found out the socks I had seen and admired on her blog were suddenly in the lobby of my building. Emily has another picture of the whole package over on her blog. She also sent a See's chocolate bar with toffee (very delicious. long gone. yum.) and some lovely green Opal Gems yarn to help me with May Project Spectrum knitting. Emily, the socks fit so well, and I love them, especially the cute picot cuff! Great job with the dyeing and the knitting. Everyone say "ooh" and "aah"!!
Saturday and Sunday: Easter Egg Socks started, 1 sock finished
Katia Mississippi 3 print from my Booty Swap pal, Heather. This is a cotton acrylic blend, so it took a bit of getting used to and three drafts due to gauge adjustments, but I ended up with one cute sock and a clear plan for the second.

Monday: de-railed from Easter Egg Sock #2 because I started another Cable Twist Sock.
KnitPicks Sock Memories, Paper Dolls colorway

I feel okay about all the knitting this weekend because, even though it meant I didn't spend much time doing homework, I still managed to finish all the homework I have due this week. I felt so productive, and I'm really happy to have knitting time! I also have time to goof off, as evidenced by my Self-Portrait Tuesday picture below.
My sister thought I should wear these to protect my poor left eye from further retina damage.
She also thought that a marshmallow gummy hamburger would taste good. Boy was she ever wrong...


AmyArtisan said...

Wow - it was your own mini-Sockapalooza over the last couple of days! :) They all look great!

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful socks! Makes me want to make s'mores....

Dave said...

Those S'mores socks are absolutely beautiful :-)

Terby said...

The S'mores socks are particularly cool.

Great photo with the big sunglasses!

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