12 May 2006

Attack of the Greeks

Greek has taken over my life.
I don't really like to complain about school, because I love it and I'm here by my own choice, but really when the teacher assigns a long list of things, adds another equally long list two days before the class (Wednesday), and then e-mails the morning of the class to add just one more thing, I can't think of anything nice to say about this class. Maybe it's good that he trusts our translating abilities that much?
I'm slightly overwhelmed and I feel panicky.
Hopefully after my class ends today at 5, I'll have more of a brain and maybe even some knitting to show. This weekend is full of reading and paper writing, so I'll definitely get some knitting in there somehow.

Happy Friday, everybody!


katie said...

Good luck getting through the Greek... I know that was driving many of my school friends crazy for the last few weeks of the semester! (sadly I don't have time in my program for languages, someday I would love to learn Hebrew)

Elisabeth said...

It's all Greek to me! (I'm sorry, somebody had to say it)

I think U of C can get a little hung up on proving how academically rigorous it is. I know that's true in my department, anyway.

Melissa said...

Been there...twice. Once in college, once in seminary. Least it ain't Hebrew. :-)

Just keep repeating to yourself...

In arche en ho logos. Soothing mantra if I ever heard one.

Cringe, glad I'm never doing that again.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

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