10 April 2006

The (Sad) Story of a Sock. With a happy ending.

Sockapaloooza Sock, take 2...
After I realized I was not going to have enough yarn to make the pair of socks I had first envisioned, I decided to switch yarn and make the Pomatomus Socks from the winter edition of Knitty (btw - the new Knitty is up! Check it out!).

Everything looks fine in the twilight picture of unstretched knitting,

But the addition of flash and a little bit of stretch reveals that all is not well.
Holes the size of dinner plates! Or hubcaps! Or anything that is way too large to be a good thing on a pair of socks! I think that either I am really bad at yarnovers, or something is screwy with my particular combination of yarn and pattern and needles. I'd like to think the latter, but any suggestions for tightening up yarnovers would be appreciated anyway.

Trying again - they seem ok so far. I may have been lulled into a false sense of security by the chocolate (It's Ritter with cappuccino-flavored goodness inside. You would let yourself be lulled, too.), but the knitting was still going well today without chocolate, and hopefully this will be it. I have one more option up my sleeve if this doesn't work, but I'm really going to hope these turn out ok. I won't really be able to tell until after I turn the heel. Wish me luck!
Here is the happy ending to our sad saga:
One thing this weekend was a definite success. I made another pair of Sweet Mary Janes (head on over to the knit-along site being coordinated by Jen of Piddleloop).

These ones are all for me, and I plan to wear them as slippers every time I come home to my apartment, because they are just so comfy :)

Happy knitting! Talk to you tomorrow...


candsmom said...

I would definitely have been lulled into a false sense of security by that chocolate. Chocolate and coffee? Are you kidding?! I could've been knitting with size 25 needles and would've thought that everything was fine and dandy. ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for the Pomatomus socks- the colorway you're using is fantastic! And your Mary Janes look wonderful, too- so comfy and cozy! Take care, Allison! :-)

Acornbud said...

Thank goodness for chocolate! I love your slippers. They realy do look comfy.

Emily said...

Luck, Luck, Luck! Hoping the Pomatomi turn out well!
I love your slippers. They look very warm

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