15 April 2006

5 Self-Portrait Pirate Eye Patches

What? I think I've left this little blog a little too long and now I have 500 things to talk about all at once. And the pictures to go with it!

To creatively combine the missed 5 senses Friday and Self-Portrait Tuesday, here is a story about sight and a picture of my eye, taken last night at 10:30 when I got home from the ER. Can we say DILATED? Can you even tell my eyes are green? Oh my goodness.

So obviously I am fine, but I've been on the lookout (bwahaha) for signs of retinal detachment since my optometrist pointed out that, because I'm extremely nearsighted, I have some areas of thinning on my retina. For the past week I've been having some of the symptoms she also warned me about - random flashing lights, increased numbers of little weird floater things in front of my vision - and then yesterday afternoon they got worse and I developed a pretty wicked headache in the afternoon. I called the student urgent care advice line people to find out if it could wait until the next day and for some/any eyecare place to be open, but they sent me to the ER. Luckily there was an optometrist still hanging around after my 4 hours of shuffling through triage and registration, so I got to see her and have a pretty thorough exam. Final word? My retina looked okay to her, but I have an appointment with a retina specialist on Monday afternoon.

Obviously talking about eyes brings me logically to the question of eye patches and pirates. Isn't that what you would talk about next?! I received my Pirate Booty early last week from Heather, and I am so in love with everything, from the packaging

there was an OSW pattern to go with the cotton yarn! I totally already started it :)
to the chocolate - uh no picture, cuz I ate it. It was really really good!!! With raspberries in it! Yum.

to the neatest thing yet -
Look! It has sheep! I think this counts as being pushed into a new obsession, and y'all are the witnesses I didn't start it myself :) hehehe... Thanks so so so much for the fantastic pirate goodies.

Updates on the Sockapaloooza socks tomorrow (promise). Happy knitty weekend to everybody!


candsmom said...

How scary! Hope everything's okay now...sending you lots of positive thoughts and good vibes for your appointment Monday. What a wonderful package! Looking forward to seeing your home-spun yarn! ;-) Take care and have a wonderful Easter! :-)

Emily said...

I hope youw eye is ok. My dad is horribly nearsighted (-9 in one eye...) and he's fine, so I'm hoping you will be too. Good luck with your appointment on Monday.
I promise you that you will get TOTALLY sucked into spinning. It is so fun...trust me once you start you will not be able to put that spindle down. :)
Looks like some nice 'booty' there in that package. *drools over that sock yarn*

may said...

uh oh, spinning is going to be your new sock knitting!! It's addictive....you'll have a fiber stash that rivals your sock yarn stash! :D

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