07 April 2006

5 Senses Friday

Over at The Glass Doorknob, someone had the most genius idea! As you all know, I'm just a copycat, so here's my first version of 5 Senses Friday (hopefully a regular installment to recap the sensations of each week)...

New shipment of art books at the library
Slightly blurred vision from wearing glasses instead of contacts
Favorite classic movie duo

Sniffable yarn! (April 4 entry)
Spicy garlic
Vegetable-y chinese tea
Freshness right after rain

Gritty pulverized concrete from construction outside
Unexpected raindrop on my eyelid
First warm breeze of the year
Slurping angel hair pasta

Click-click of metal dpns
Parking lot construction outside my window at 8am
Insistent drip of a leaky faucet
Satisfying rustle when leafing through a book

taste: (because I wanted to save the best for last)
Mushrooms sauteed with garlic and olive oil
Pinto beans and guacamole in a burrito
Mashed potatoes with ketchup
English muffin and milky coffee with a friend

Hope everyone has a happy, knitty weekend :)


may said...

oh what a cool idea!

your taste section is making me mucho hungry!

Emily said...

kewlie! and i too like your taste section :)

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