04 April 2006

Yellow there (hahaha)

Arg, so late at night and I still have some more homework to do! Hopefully at some point this week I'll have a chance to write the longer post that's spinning around in my head. For now, take a gander at some yellow things, in the spirit of April's Project Spectrum, and I've also included a picture of me for Self-Portrait Tuesday.

I was really surprised to find how many orange and yellow things I could gather up from around my apartment. If anyone had asked me a week ago, I would have told them I own nothing yellow, because it is my least favorite color. I would probably also have shared a random fact that I read somewhere: Yellow is the favorite color of a majority of (polled) mentally disturbed people. So when I was looking around my room and noticing all these orange and yellow things, I almost didn't recognize the place! It made me think about how my apartment probably gives off a different picture of me than I think it does (do I read way too much into little things? why yes, but it's fun!).

I should have known that I would have a lot of yellow, since I have a modest assortment of SpongeBob items, including the awesome barrel of monkeys/barrel of SBSP and Patrick Star game from Secret Pal4 (I just signed up for SP8! I can't wait!). I also have some yellow-ish yarn, and you can see my really neat highlighter with sticky tabs up there on the right.

You may also see my Sockapaloooza yarn lurking sadly in the background. I hadn't finished the first sock before I knew I would not have enough yarn to complete the pair as planned, and since this was a hand-dyed skein, it's really unlikely I'll get another with the same colors. So I've started Plan B and I'll let you know how it goes.

More yellow things that surround me every day - Vegetable Fest Meals! I love my veggies.

This is me.

While I am not yellow or orange, I really like that I almost don't recognize myself in this picture. It made me consider what other people must see when they look at me, and it's enough different from my self-image to be thought-provoking.

I'm hoping this April color theme will continue to be an eye-opener, and I plan on actually sticking to the SPTues project in the hopes that it will have something of the same effect.

Enough analyzing pictures; time to analyze Biblical passages and Greek papyri. Back to the homework!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Yes, I have a modest collection of SB too. I like your yellow post. And your shirt, in the picture, can allllllllmost pass for orange. I think. :)

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