24 April 2006

Fun and Games with Girls and Boys

I had a really great weekend!
Saturday morning I woke up early and took the bus downtown. I spent the better part of the day walking on State Street and Michigan Avenue, going in a bunch of stores and trying on clothes and buying fun little things - earrings, a $5 purse, lotion that smells like cake batter and makes me want to eat my hands - you know, the essentials!
I haven't been clothes-shopping in such a long time, and it was a wonderful treat. I also bought a pair of jeans, and it's absolutely disgusting how happy these jeans make me. They're a pretty dark wash (hooray! all of my pairs are severely faded!) and the best part is they FIT. Maybe it's just disgusting to me that I'm so excited about clothes that fit. Shouldn't that be a normal part of life? Oy. I've finally discovered why all my other pants seem too big. I've gone down by 2 sizes (yes, really). So it's great to have pants that aren't always slipping down. :)

Saturday night was full of, well, fun and games with good friends. We hung out at the campus pub because they have great games. See evidence below:

1. Nicole and I basking in the rosy glow of Le Pinball Machine - our favorite activity (well, both basking and playing are high up there on the list of fun things to do).

2. Steve demonstrating proper pool cue form: "It's like a spear! Shoot from the hip and poke people's eyes out!"He didn't actually say that. He's a very nice boy.

3. Steve taking his turn at shuffleboard while I try to make him lose with the powers of my mind. It totally worked!

4. One of my favorites - Nicole pretending her pool cue is a caveman's club and that she's getting ready to club some women and drag them off to her cave. We were both laughing so hard that the picture turned out incredibly blurry. Game nights should always end in hysterical giggles!

I have knitting to show, too, honest. I just took so many pictures of game night that I forgot about the sock...
Hope you all had fun weekends. What have you been up to?


your sock buddy said...

Sounds like your weekend was really fun! I've been up to...making your socks!

Emily said...

I think it sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Speaking of the jeans...my sister is really tall and thin and it's basically a miracle if she finds a pair of jeans that fit. It's almost to the point where she has to wear A) too short but thin enough jeans, B) long enought but too baggy jeans, or C) boys' jeans. (Don't go there :) )
And I love that picture of Steve with your made-up quote....lol! :)
(And never underestimate the powers of the mind....)

jen said...

looks like fun fun..i can't play pool for the life of me..but i can play a mean game of pinball or shuffleboard!

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