21 April 2006

5 Senses Friday

Campus trees in bloom and new grass - so many shades of green
Daffodils and Magnolia trees in bloom

not my photo; go-go-Google image search!
A Lorikeet in the park (no kidding)

Unpleasant: sun-warmed gardening manure wafting through the window in a mid-afternoon lecture
Pleasant: Incense at last weekend's Easter Triduum services
(Some of) the dusty old books donated to the library
Laundry detergent and dryer sheets

Electric Lemonade at SevenTen with the girls
New toothpaste
Pineapple Orange juice, just not right after the toothpaste!
Cadbury mini eggs

Kids laughing and playing on the swings down the block
The satisfying whirr of a rowing machine at the gym
The "flip-flop" of my first flip-flop-wearing day of spring

Cotton & Rayon yarn for my new OSW (FO! FO! Pictures tomorrow!)
The top of my head warmed by the sun
Curling up under the covers again after hitting the snooze button. Twice.

Here's to sleeping in and knitting all weekend long! Hope you all enjoy :)


AmyArtisan said...

Isn't it great that we have blooms finally in Chicago & the flip flops can be out again? :)

Emily said...

Love the 5 Senses Friday idea. Glad you started doing it too. Love that pic...even if it's just a google one.
btw--I noticed you sold some stuff in your etsy shop!! good going!

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