01 May 2006

Sock Wars

Sorry about the unexpected blogging break. Stupid midterms.

Back to our main narrative -
Remember how sockapaloooza sock number one was trying to eat its own mother (aka Mama Skein)?
Well it mostly succeeded, but then his little brother came along, seeking revenge.
Ah, a lovely snack. It will taste better with milk, I think.

Luckily I arrived in time to prevent disaster and look! They're not fighting each other anymore, in fact, they look downright friendly.

Well, except here. No more head-butting, you guys!

I'd better get these sent off to my pal ASAP, before anything really awful happens. The official send-off is tomorrow!
All the knitting I have on the needles right now is brown - nice start to the Project Spectrum month devoted to greens, huh? Haha. So I changed my blog template to feel like I'm really in the spirit.

I'll share more pictures later, but here's the newest sock - Knitpicks S'mores colorway using a fabulous (free!) Hello Yarn pattern. I think that 56 stitch patterns are the way for me to go when using Knitpicks yarn. Everything else turns out a little too saggy.

Personally I think the yarn looks delicious, and if the sock doesn't turn cannibalistic, I'll be very very surprised.


Terby said...

Oh yum. That does look like s'mores. The jaywalkers look great, and I like the pattern you're using a lot. Great socks!

Emily said...

I love those jaywalkers--great job! And that s'more yarn almost makes me drool...

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