20 February 2006

Old Faithful

Ah, I had such lofty goals. I was going to finish the mittens this weekend! You can even see evidence of my foolish ambition in the entry below this one. So much for stick-to-it-iveness.

[brace yourselves for the following confession]
I didn't even cast on for mitten #2.

I still have a week, and it will definitely get done, but I'm starting to realize what motivates me to knit. Partly it's trying new things - fair isle skulls! fantastic!
But I think a larger part of it is being able to return to something that I know I can do well, something that brings me great joy. Something that allows for subtle variation on a familiar theme.

Like this

or this both purchased with my Christmas yarn gift certificate, courtesy of Grandma.

Is it okay that the only thing really motivating me to finish mitten #2 now that I've sort of gotten over the novelty of the colorwork on this project is the fact that I want to put my DPNs to more familiar use? Is it strange that I honestly enjoy self-striping sock yarn and its surprises more than I enjoy following a fair isle chart, knowing what the next color will be and when I'll add it?

What are your favorite kinds of projects, and why?


candsmom said...

Ooh! Such pretty Regia! I especially love the brown and cream colorway. That would definitely distract me, too.. cool fair isle skulls notwithstanding! ;-) Lately, my favorite projects have been lace- there's the challenge of getting the counting right, yet the repetition of pattern repeats is very soothing. I also REALLY enjoy stockinette (and in the round, at that! How lazy can I be?!)... something very soothing and familiar about it, yet it yields such pretty results in garments. Can't wait to see your socks!! Take care, Allison! :-)

may said...

i'm all over the place...i get bored with project really quickly! But when it comes down to it, i love knitting sweaters the best! Some days I love complicated cabled ones, other days I feel like sleek knits, so it all depends. But I'm drawing the line at my current stash of wips...it's really pretty rediculous!

Legalfrugalbabe said...

Go, Allison, go go go! Don't get distracted! Gold is on the line! I sympathize with you; once I've gotten over one challenge, I want to tackle another one. Right now the yucky challenge is finishing my UFOs, but after that I get to knit my first pair of socks and try my hand at lace knitting. Then maybe I'll try some cables. And I'm also thinking of either crocheting or knitting a simple felted basket. Too few hours in a day, I tell you, too few hours!

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