24 February 2006

Long Time No See

Hey everyone :)
This week school has been nuts, but I'm finally back, and so are the Olympic Pirate Mittens! Here are some Mitten #1 gut shots,

and the start of Mitten #2.
I had an extra surge of energy while watching the women's figure skating last night with a friend, so I'm back in the game - hopefully gold is just around the corner after class and work this afternoon!

My other projects for today include such mundane things as cleaning my apartment (which is a HUGE mess), writing out a schedule of assignments/due dates for the last 3 weeks of the quarter, and doing laundry. You would think I'd do something exciting on a Friday, but I'm pretty sure the cleaning/scheduling is more important. Stupid chores.

Then, after this really long week, I might just get to bed early. Nice.


candsmom said...

Your mittens looks fantastic! Awesome job on those floats, BTW... your guts looks wonderful! ;-) I wish chores would do themselves, sometimes... take care and have a great weekend, Allison! :-)

AmyArtisan said...

The mittens look great! Go! Go! Go! :)

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