17 January 2006

The Olympic Spirit

I'm ready for my first KAL of the year! And, boooooy, is it gonna be a doozy.
Since I had that lovely day off of school yesterday, and I was supposed to be writing a 7 page paper, you all know that I spent probably half my time procrastinating. This included a much-needed venture outdoors and up to get coffee at a certain chain that everyone in the world would recognize so I won't even mention its name.
For any of you who don't think going outside every single day is a necessity (and, okay, I'll grant you that in some climes the necessity is to stay inside so you don't freeze to death), you must not live in my apartment. Basically it is a little tiny box. And I am generally happy living in this little tiny box, but when I get up in the morning and sit at my computer in the box until 4pm it is fantastic to be outside walking. And no, don't worry, I only stay inside like that on rare occasions - like on a day off when I have to write a paper.
Going up to my local chapter of The Coffee Giant served another purpose, since this is the place I'm trying to get hired for a little bit of part-time work. The manager was there, whom I had met at the interview session last week, and not only did he recognize me, but he was very friendly and started up a little conversation. My friends who had joined me for the emergency GET OUTSIDE NOW trek to The Coffee Giant thought this was probably a good sign and that maybe I'll get a hiring call this week (cross your fingers)!
So my lovely trip to get coffee was one part of the procrastination. The other method I used (and use frequently) for self-distraction was an intense blog-cruise. While I was literally out and about, I got some coffee and hope for a job; while I was out and about in the internet oceans, I got infected by the Olympic Spirit and encouragement to tackle a very scary knitting project in the near future.
I'm a huge fan of the Olympics, as you will probably notice over the next month and a half of entries. I'm also a huge fan of Latin (yes, dorky, whatever) and of knitting. So when I saw all three together on one page, I thought THIS MUST BE THE PERFECT KAL FOR ME!!!

Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)
Check out the details on the Yarn Harlot's page.

I'm waiting for yarn that I already ordered with gift money, and then I'll reveal my proposed project. It will probably require the strength and willpower of an Olympian for me, a fan of simple simple knitting, to complete a project as complex as the one I have in mind, but as long as I manage to take a 20 minute walk outside every day, I'll feel invincible.

The Coffee Giant's help probably won't hurt either.

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