18 January 2006

Fee Fie FO Fum


Lang JaWoll Jacquard Sock Yarn in an interesting mix of greens, leftover yarn from BF's Christmas socks. My hands now match his feet (awww).
56 stitches, 2x2 ribbing at ends.

Yes, that is his face in the background. I swear it makes the long distance aspect of our relationship easier if his picture is on my computer desktop. Plus he's cute :)

On another note, I actually made it to the gym this week and it was so wonderful to get back into that after break. Here's my little ticker...


candsmom said...

Your armwarmers are so cute!! I love the greens and how sweet is it that your hands now match his feet? ;-) And congratulations to you on the exercise and weight loss! I really need to be better about that- you're doing so awesome! Take care, Allison!! :-)

Lolly said...

Those are very cute - I love seeing sock yarns in other patterns. (and your boyfriend is so cute -what a great smile!)

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