16 January 2006

Ooh, a day off!

Well, sort of. I actually have my first paper of the quarter due tomorrow, so I've been working on that all day so far. But it's nice to have the extra day, especially since I did have a visitor over the end of last week and the beginning of the weekend. J and I had a great time wandering around campus, hanging out at a game night with some other friends, and eating good food.
For some reason, half the people playing games ended up wearing green. I think there may be some sort of conspiracy!
I have gotten zero knitting done in the last few days, but hopefully I can catch up this week after turning the paper in tomorrow. All my reading for the week is finished already, so I can either do some work for next week or knit a lot. Hmm, what do you think I should do? Haha.
I also have to get back into the gym this week, to stick with my resolution of being healthy and losing 5-10 more pounds. It shouldn't be that big a deal, so go me!!
Right now it's back to the paper - so until tomorrow, I hope you all enjoy your day off :)

1 comment:

mayflwr said...

happy mlkj day! I was a big bum today :)

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