09 November 2005

More Daffodils

I had so much reading homework yesterday and this afternoon that I was stuck in front of my computer for hours. Some of this may have to do with the fact that I didn't want to print out a certain 50 page article because it would have cost me $5.oo and I would rather save my money for something fun.
Like yarn.
Since I wasn't printing that article, it just made sense to stay home rather than going to the library to print the other two. So while I was burning out my eyeballs learning all about religion as a market commodity (because applying economic rational choice theory to the sociology of religion makes for truly fascinating reading, let me assure you), I worked on some rather mindless stockinette in the round. The decreases weren't exactly mindless, but I did those between articles :)

Christmas hat for my sister who likes yellow
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Daffodil (and there are STILL leftovers!)
Needles: Circular US#8 (ooh changing it up)
Started: 11-8
Finished: 11-9

AND! I can hardly contain my excitement - I got my first official grad school paper back today, with a very happy grade! Check it out (yay)

Okay, I'm actually not sure you can read that - it says A/A- woohoo!


candsmom said...

Okay, you are OUT OF CONTROL with your FO's, missy! Your hat looks fabulous, of course! I'm sure your sister will love it. And I can't believe you STILL have leftover Wool of the Andes in Daffodil. ;-) But most of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your paper and most excellent grade!!! You definitely deserve some yarn. :-)

katie said...

I wish I could get a handle on reading, knitting, and getting A's, all at the same time! The hat looks great. What was the paper on?

Lolly said...

Yea! Great job on the paper ;) I bought a book last year called _Material Christianity_ on the marketing of religion. That whole concept interests me quite a bit... I would love to know what other books you are reading for that... ;)

LOVE the hat!

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