10 November 2005

Gah! School!

The knitting, which has been going SO well recently (so many FOs! I feel incredibly productive), is going to be relegated to a backburner starting... now.
The final paper deadlines, they are approaching at a frighteningly rapid pace. So I'll be knitting, but there may not be finished products any time soon. Except for the Mary Janes. They might be finished by tomorrow.
And because I don't have any pictures to show, I thought I'd share links to some lovely knitters who have been inspiring me recently:

See Eunny Knit - oh my gosh she is such a fast knitter! And check out the Norwegian Stockings - wow.
Fig and Plum - her finished projects (under "projects") turn out so well!
Streets and YOs - she has beautiful pictures and a gorgeous new sweater in the works.
Marnie Talks - ooh she is trying to suck me into the spinning time warp. If I come back from Christmas break with a new hobby, you'll know whose fault it is!

Happy almost-weekend to you all

1 comment:

candsmom said...

I sure hear you about the end of the semester crunch! I love these ladies, too- such incredible knitters. Good luck to you on all your papers! You'll do great!

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