27 September 2005

FO Again?

That's for darn tootin'! Because at the moment I am just a knitting machine :)
Here are the new socks, which I'm planning to give to my sister.

Started - 24 Sept. 2005
Finished - 27 Sept. 2005
Yarn - Regia Crazy Color, color 5401, just about 100g (I have a few yards of each 50g skein left over)
Pattern - My own, toe-up with short row toes and heels, 60st k3p3 rib on foot and leg.

And I'm joining Self Portrait Tuesday for the first time! Hooray!
I made it into the September challenge (Body Parts), and decided to take a picture of my foot. I've been thinking about my feet more than usual lately, not only because of the sock knitting, but because going to the U of C requires SO MUCH WALKING, it's crazy. Maybe the picture will remind me to put my feet up haha.

Alright, now I actually have to go and do homework - what's this? I'm taking classes? oh my gosh :)


Wesley said...

hey,just thought i'd let you know tomorrow's my birthday. :)
hope you're doing well.


Lolly said...

Those socks are great!

Yea for self portraits too ;) I love coming up with ideas for mine.

Take care~

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