01 October 2005

The Story of Lucky Sock

Once upon a time there was a very lucky little sock. Actually, at first she wasn't even a sock. She was just a skein of yarn that came in the mail from the BEST yarn company ever. So little lucky skein sat on a shelf for about a week, while Allison let herself be distracted by reading 400 pages of Durkheim. The lucky skein noticed that Allison's set-up for doing all that reading was actually more conducive to napping, but the lucky skein was very polite, and didn't point that out.
Lucky skein and her sister (not-so-lucky-yet skein) got wound into balls, since they were so patient while all that reading went on. Last night the lucky little sock was born. Why is Lucky so lucky? Because she gets to accompany Allison downtown to Arcadia Knitting for a big Chicago adventure, which may involve meeting a certain celebrity sock and having her portrait taken with said famous sock... Can't you tell we're both super excited?!!!
Details tonight!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

LOVE THE COLOR!! What yarn is it???

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