25 September 2005

zooming along

I'm making great progress on another pair of socks, this time with Regia crazy stripes! I also got my latest order of knitpicks yarn - 2 colorways for me or for gifty socks, depending on how selfish I feel after making them (haha) another (which I'm not going to show yet) for a secret surprise gift, and a skein of green and blue laceweight. Those should keep me occupied for a while, especially since I'm anticipating having to slow down once classes start on Monday.
This week of orientation has been really fun. I've met tons of great people in the department, and last night I was at the game when the White Sox SMASHED the Twins 8-1. Hooray! I'm starting at my new church this morning, and this afternoon I'm going to explore one of the shopping centers near campus and see what I can find to decorate my very boring white walls. Pictures of finished socks soon!

1 comment:

sp_knit said...

with any luck at all, I will get a package in the mail for in in the next couple of days or so. so keep your eyes open!

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