08 August 2005

Time to Stash!


A selection of excuses for why it's okay for me to be increasing my already-substantial yarn stash:

1. If I pack up a huge box of yarn and send it to my new place in Chicago, I'll be guaranteed to have at least one happy thing in my mail right away
2. If I spend the money on crafting supplies, it will keep me from spending it on something I won't be as likely to use. Such as kitchen equipment for my new apartment or new running shoes 3. If I spend all my money on yarn right now, I won't have to bother making up a budget for surviving the fall quarter

Those sounded much better in my head than they look down on paper! So I bought some rather expensive yarn on vacation...

Some out of focus sock yarn in colors that I find strangely appealing, even though I usually really dislike brown, and some beautiful mohair-silk blend that I'll use for a lacy scarf-type thingie. Yay! I won't show the secret pal yarn, because I don't want to risk any surprise-spoiling.


Jessica's quilt was my very first attempt at quilting anything! I think it turned out pretty well :) In-progress:

jessica's quilt in progress
and completely finished:

and the personalized corner -


Lauren's quilt was the second attempt, and, though I feel bad admitting this in a forum in which Jessica might read it, I think I got better at actually lining things up the second time around. I would show you right now, but she took it on a sleepover with her (aww, I feel loved!), so I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.

Now back to knitting!

1 comment:

joey said...

ok. i saw you trying to read this as i wrote it! you nosy!!! hahaha. hey, speaking of quilts, when are we gonna start working on mine? hmmm? just kidding! poor jessica!=(

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