06 August 2005

I'm Ba-ack :)

And first, I want you to meet this cute little guy that I copied from my brother's blog:

Adopt-a-Spot at
How cute is that?!
So - vacation update: Tahoe was fantastic. Beautiful weather, in the 90s the whole time! We got to go rafting down the Truckee River, lounge on the beach at Sand Harbor, visit with family in South Tahoe, go down the river again (yay!), read books by the pool, play mini golf, eat ice cream, eat at good restaurants, go to Circus Circus casino in Reno (my first time gambling in an over 21 place! my mom and I had lots of fun), and get incredibly tan/sunburnt. I love going to Tahoe in the summer :)
My siblings and I also goofed around a lot, because that is what you're supposed to do in summer!
Needless to say, we had a ton of fun!
Yesterday afternoon, I got another AMAZING package from my secret pal. I just love love love this beautiful yarn, and it's perfect because I am really enjoying lace knitting, now that I can read from charts more easily.
Delicious yarn donuts

and an unwound skein (you can see the color changes better)

And lovely notecards with my initial on them and shiny plant-patterned greeting cards with cool quotes on the outside. Hooray for stationery!

There is so much more to post about, including my secret vacation stash enhancement. Because I had a free afternoon and zero self control, and plus I needed to buy something for my own secret pal, so I really did HAVE to go to the yarn store, heehee. I will also post pictures of the Jessica and Lauren birthday quilts, which turned out really well. But that's all for now, because the hammock in my sunny backyard is calling me and my book!


joey said...

hi! finally a comment for you! woo-hooo! yay for me! ok. well, have a happy comment day!

Wendy said...

Allison -

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I may just have to adopt a spot to keep me company while I rip.

I'm with you, but I think I just need some positive reenforcement.

Good luck with the move!


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