08 July 2005

Put a Sock in It!

Rascal Flatts was AMAZING! So, though I have a potentially rude post title, I am in no way trying to insinuate that they should shut up. I think they should have sung more because they left out one of my sister's favorite songs... Blake Shelton was really funny (the singing was good, not funny, but his filler speeches were a crack-up), and Shelly Fairchild has a few great songs - I may have to buy her cd!

The "put a sock in it" is what I'd like to do to the phone and fax machine here at work today. It's like a continuation of the ringing in my ears from the psycho-loud speakers last night! Maybe I should just put the 95% completed socks (see sock number 1 of the pair a couple entries down) and leftover sock yarn in my ears. For it is so very soft and squooshy :) I'll hopefully (cross your fingers!) post pictures of my happy feet in a finished pair tonight. One afterthought heel to go, and then I get to start on sock 2 of the next set, in KnitPicks Sock Garden Daffodil

Deeeeeeeelicious! It's not exactly second sock syndrome, it's just that I like to alternate, so I always end up making two pairs at a time. I also liked the suggestion I've seen on a couple blogs about knitting the second sock first. Might try that next time. This weekend I'm also going to be working on "surprise" birthday patchwork somethings for my sisters. "Surprise" because they have seen all the fabric and will be home and likely in the room while I'm sewing.

Non-knitting-wise, I was really happy to hear from my college housemate who's visiting London right now that she and her choir group are safe and heading home tomorrow. My thoughts are with all the people living and working in the city during this difficult time.

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Lauren said...

I love the Knitpicks yarn! Such a nice colorway!

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