12 July 2005


Since I only have three more days of work before I'm free to spend my days knitting or going to the Santa Cruz boardwalk or lounging around in the backyard or reading books (basically doing anything that does not involve sitting in an office all day!), I thought I'd make a list of the knitting projects I'd like to get started on (yes, and finish) before I have to go back to school. All of the ones under SOON I already have the yarn for in my "stash", or cardboard box filled with yarn in the garage. And since my mom is not obsessed with knitting, she does not fully understand the joy of new yarn, and she will give me disapproving looks if I bring any home without using up what I already have. The ones under EVENTUALLY are the ones I'm dreaming of but don't have yarn/patterns for yet. But hopefully I'll zoom through the first list and be on to the second in no time! Just think of this as a preview of coming attractions :)

Finish 2nd daffodil sock

Clapotis with brown linen/silk yarn from Michelle

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch n Bitch Nation in Noro Silk Garden (beautiful pink/purple/green/grey colorway)

Pretty scarf with alpaca yarn from my fabulous Secret Pal!


Lucky from Stitch n Bitch Nation, probably in plain old black

Glampyre's Orangina - every single color/color combination I've seen looks good! I'll have to think about it some more.

Top-Down Raglan sweater, making up the pattern as I go. This should be super easy, since I can do everything in the round and add stripes, ribbing, etc. I'll draw out a sketch before I really get started.

So hopefully this list will get me motivated to start knitting right away. I'll post pictures of my secret quilting project (for my sister's birthday) tonight when I get home to my digital camera.


Anonymous said...

soooo sorry that i haven't left you a comment since forever! the only good computer is dead and so all we have is flubbering slow dudes, so yeah.
xoxox :)

joey said...

hehehehehehe..........me again! ok so we have to get jessica some good presents cuz she doesn't really have anything......shitter! man.............did you know that abosultely no one except you, leaves me comments or visits me blog?(little irish thing goin' on..) anyway wha-hooo!

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