27 June 2005


Hi. Wow. Talk about spacing out for an entire month. Yikes. Summer at home is definitely relaxing, that's all I have to say. My family just got back from Disneyland, I've received a fantastic package from my Secret Pal, full of wonderful goodies, and I'm starting work tomorrow! So my life has actually been eventful, I've just been slacking off on the blog front. I'll be doing some maintenance today, including updating pesky links that don't seem to work and setting up an account on Flickr, and then I'll post tomorrow. Look for news then!


Anonymous said...

yaya! glad you're back

Anonymous said...

FO FO FO!!1 hahahaha! eh i dont lika you! you have a beautiful bloggy! o well! nice bloggy by the way! ok i love you bye-bye!
joey :P

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