26 May 2005


No, I'm not just super excited, I actually have three (that's right, 3 in one week) FOs to share. I'm so productive when pesky classes and homework aren't getting in the way... :)
And now for three important announcements:
I finished the flower basket shawl and gave it to my mom. She seemed very excited, but hasn't worn it yet. Project specs? Mystery brown silk from Michelle's stash on size 6 straights and no stitch markers (I felt brave).
I also made a sort of abbreviated version of Ruffles from Scarf Style. I figured that since it's largely decorative anyway there was no point in making it 6 feet long, so it'll just be for fun. Mine is black, from Caron Simply Soft on size 6 straights.
Last but not least, I broke into the lovely KnitPicks sock yarn and made one whole sock today... top down, size 4 metal dpns... and I promise promise promise I'll have pictures by Tuesday. And maybe another sock!!!
My family is going to Santa Cruz and Great America this weekend, so I'll come back with my brains all shaken up and twisted around. See you soon.

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