18 May 2005

Pomp and Circumstance (and Knitting)

I'm finally home after (thankfully) surviving all those final papers and exams and the graduation ceremony. It was okay weather until the religion majors got up to get their degrees (I was sitting with them all), and then it started pouring like you would not believe. I think it was a sign, though I'm not sure of what! ;)
It was fun to do the drive back here as well! Dad and I stopped in Ashland to see a play - "Room Service" - and now I want to see the Marx Brothers' movie of it; pretty funny stuff.
I got my KnitPicks order of fantastic sock yarn, and I get to start knitting like crazy again. I'm amassing back-tack materials for a surprise package and working on finishing up the flower basket shawl - 2 more repeats to go, unless I decide the neck-kerchief size is too small.
That's all my scatterbrained updating for now :)


Lauren said...

Congratulations on your graduation!

Oh, your KnitPicks yarn sounds great--I got some of their sock yarn too, and I love it! :)

Wesley said...

Hey! Email me. :)

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