24 January 2005

Last Semester

So last semester is finished, and now it's my last semester! Grad school apps are all done (hooray, finally, woohoo!), and I can just concentrate on enjoying my classes... all 7 of them! And I signed up for the Luau this year, so I get to practice hula-ing starting next week. Should be super fun! I also have yoga this term, and if I ever get over this cold I'll be running again. Buff-ness, here I come!
My knitting sort of lagged during the break, the opposite of what I expected would happen. I had a lovely commission for a hat and two scarves out of some funky yarn that made a really cruddy (in my opinion) hat. But the lady liked it and paid me quite a bit of money, so as long as I never have to use that yarn for hats again, I'll be fine.
Alright, time to get back to the homework. I'll attempt to post more often this semester...

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