19 November 2004


I'm sure there will be many more entries with the same title!
This week has been really long, with lots of homework and very little knitting. I finished up another beanie (blue this time, with a 2x2 ribbed fold-up brim), and I'm working on a little purple variegated change purse. I'm excited to use some of those buttons I bought. People at work are seeing my stuff and keep offering to buy things. I'm hoping I'll be a success at the craft show!
And tonight I'm planning to pull out the sewing machine (finally!) and get started on the little purses and stuffed animals. Hooray! More buttons for eyes! I don't know why I have this strange urge to sew buttons on things. That's probably a little weird...
Anyway, another reason I'm excited about it being Friday is because this Friday is the 19th, and that means (Are you ready, kids?) SPONGEBOB!!!! The movie opens tonight, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it sometime this weekend. Woohoo!
That's all for now... I'll see if I can figure out pictures before Monday.

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Makadav said...

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