16 November 2004


I seriously need to figure out how to put pictures in my entries. I don't know HTML, so I'll have to ask somebody to help me. But I've taken pictures of a bunch of my knitted goodies already, and I want to share!
Last night and this morning I wrote a lovely 5 page paper for Religion class, so now I get to go turn that in (woohoo!). I also finished (while I should have been writing the paper) Kelsey's birthday hat. It's a beautiful jewel-toned green and burgundy wool beanie, and I'm super excited to hand it off. She doesn't seem like much of a hat girl, but it's cold here so maybe I can convince her to wear it.
That's all for now. I don't know if there will be much knitting going on tonight as I desperately need to work on my thesis (boo).

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