14 November 2004

Going Swimmingly

The knitting is coming along nicely. Why, I may even have a significant number of finished objects in time for the craft fair! I've been working on scarves, including a lovely one in plush lavender "LuLu" from Bernat (I want some more of this stuff!). Last night I whipped out a beanie and wrist warmer in purple/blue variegated from (dun dun dunh...) WalMart. I'm also devising my own pattern for one of those skinny little snake scarves, and I'll sew buttons on for eyes when I'm done. I'm not sure how to finish of the head, but I think I'll just do a sock toe looking thing.

In other news, I'm not even sure if I am signed up for the craft fair since the entry sheet said to mail the form and deposit by November 8th. That means if I dropped it off in the office on November 12, it's still getting there at the same time as other entries, right? Cross your fingers! I guess if not I can still sell things to my lovely and generous friends and give the rest away for Christmas.

College stuff, you ask? Grad school applications are coming along slowly. I've had a bit of a fiasco trying to register for my classes for Spring (grr). Other than that, I'm just grouchy about having to clean the kitchen when the girls leave dirty dishes all over it. And we're going on a field trip to Seattle to hear chanting monks tonight! Woohoo!

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