28 September 2012

Wool socks and other signs of autumn

In a somewhat silly attempt to use up sock yarn leftovers, I've cast on for a pair of stripey socks. As you will see below, there are so many sock yarn leftovers that this project hardly makes a dent.  Also, I fail at being random in my color ordering choices, but I am willing to own my controlling tendencies.

These socks are the perfect project to celebrate the start of autumn.  Some other things around my house are marking the change of season, too.  For example, mini pumpkins. I was so excited to see a giant bin of them at the grocery store this morning!

Also at the grocery store:

Goes well with the pumpkins, right?  Also goes well with pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Who knew you could make these things at home? I am so going to weigh about 8 million pounds by the time fall is over.

Maybe if I try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of veggies (oh my gosh, SQUASH!!!), I will only weigh 7 million pounds.

Then I will still be able to wear my cozy vest and autumnal scarves.

 And my new socks, seen here perched atop the neverending stash of leftovers. I need to come up with some more project ideas, and fast.

1 comment:

kathy b said...


I LOVe your sock. YOur knitting is so even and perfect!!!!! I still have a long scarf with sock yarn leftovers going from last winter...I'll pick it up again soon I'll bet

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