15 December 2011

[29 before 29] a goal list

This last year I have really enjoyed the challenge of working to complete goals from my list of '28 before 28' goals.  It has been a great and positive change from the type of New Year's resolutions lists I've made in the past; one of those old goals was "shower every day in the coming year" - hey, I was in college! What do you want from me?  While I didn't make it through all of the goals I set for myself, that just means I have a chance to do even better on this coming year's list!  My 29 goals are listed below in various categories, with what you might call "reach" goals in italics.

Healthy/personal goals:
run (at least) three 5k races
try twelve new vegetables/fruits
keep an inspiration and contemplation journal
restart and continue my yoga practice
take one personal day a month for reflection and relaxation
regular phone calls, e-mails, and snail mail with distant friends
get in the best shape of my life so far

Crafty/domestic goals:
knit socks from my own handspun yarn
grow my blog by adding more DIY tutorials and crafty giveaways
learn to make macarons
bake a loaf of bread a week (this might also inspire me to try new bread recipes)
office/craft studio decorating project
knit down the stash, especially sock yarn leftovers
stranded colorwork sweater for me

Adventure/learning goals:
go to six new-to-me Chicago restaurants
take a non-academic class to learn a new skill (can't pick one yet, but I'll narrow it down)
read four literary classics I haven't read before
take and pass my comprehensive exams
submit my dissertation proposal
take a hike. no, really.
road trip to... mystery location!
international travel

Outreach/service goals: 
do at least one random act of kindness each month
help a friend with a major cleaning or moving project
make ten winter hats and donate them through church
organize and participate in 3 service projects for my on-campus club
teach someone how to knit (not sure this is service since it's basically passing on an addiction!)
increase shop sales to donate to MSF
save for and make a significant half-birthday donation to project heifer

Any goals you're making this time of year? What are your big plans? I'd love it if you'd share in the comments!


kathy b said...


I LOVE your thoughts on tihs. I tried 51 before 51 and did quite a few of them this summer.
Im more of a contemplative person between Christmas and New Years.
I have been knitting down the stash without really making it a goal. ROom for more from Santa I hope.
I have to work on boundaries.....and More Prayer and Faith in God.
I have to go back to my list and reread the ones that made me smile. SOmehow dropping dimes by the ice cream store for someone to find made me silly with happiness

Fran said...

You've inspired me! So, like you and especially Kathy B above, I am going to take this break to think about 51 before 51! I particularly like the resolution for regular installments of contemplative time - it's crucial and yet so easy to lose sight of.

Allison said...

Kathy, the idea of dropping change for people to find is so great - does it count as a random act of kindness if I'm now making plans to do it? :)
Fran, I'm so glad you were inspired!

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