30 August 2011

Tuesday doings

Today is... MOVING DAY

I am so lucky to have a fabulous group of friends who are all coming over to help me get things moved, even though they have to carry some pretty heavy stuff down 3 flights of stairs and get it up to the 5th floor of the new place (there is an elevator there, thank goodness).  Apart from good, strong pals, what do I need to make it through moving day?

To start things off right, I've got a skein of Dream in Color Squooshy in Spring Tickle that's about to become a pair of de-stressing socks. Because when things get tough, the best way through it is to knit, right? I'm already enjoying this and a high-sugar, high-caffeine beverage to help me get going bright and early.

I'm ending the busy and sweaty afternoon with a concert, listening to a few of my favorite songs performed live and enjoying the company of one of my sweetest friends.  Laura and I are seeing The Weepies! So excited! For now I'll leave you with a taste of Weepies goodness...

What are you up to today? Any exciting plans for the rest of the week?

1 comment:

Julie said...

I hope your move goes well, and that you love sorting out your new place!

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