31 August 2011

Spinning update

(This post was composed early in preparation for a post-moving day busy period.  Updates about the old and new place as soon as I get some free time!)

In the last few days before the move, I spent my evenings on the couch with episodes of Dr. Who on the tv and this gorgeous fiber from Woolgatherings.

 this image from the Woolgatherings shop (link above)

I turned it into three skeins of sport weight singles, preserving the beautiful hand painted color gradation through burgundy, violet, blue, turquoise, and aqua. 

My first thought was to turn it into socks, but the BFL is a little too soft for that, and I'm sure they would wear through after only two or three uses.  So now I'm thinking a very special pair of long cabled armwarmers that can go in the shop, and I'll use the leftovers to spice up a striped project of some sort.  What do you think?


Julie said...

ooh, your handspun looks so pretty!! love the bold colours.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are such beautiful jewel tones! I think spinning is so cool- it looks like yours came out wonderfully! I'm excited to see the pretty things you make! :)

kathy b said...

I see a cowl...but what do I know?

Allison said...

Thanks, friends! Kathy, a cowl sounds perfect. I'll have to find a great lace pattern and show off the color changes.

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