26 August 2011

Friday: Link Love

Friday again, and oh my goodness, has this been a week. So much packing and carrying of things down the back stairs to the recycling bin and the trash pile. A word to the wise: don't bother saving magazines for more than about two months. Just rip out the recipes or inspiring photos you like, and recycle the rest immediately. Better yet, look through the magazines in the bookstore cafe and do all your inspiration hunting and recipe caching online. Carrying 3 years' worth of Martha and fitness mags down the stairs will make you very tired. On the plus side, my bookshelves will have so much more room in the new space.

This week's links are all about partying and celebrating.  I'll admit that I've been daydreaming about hosting a truly spectacular housewarming party at the end of all this, but if you don't have a major event in your near future, why not just treat yourself to some fun decorations and concoctions today?  Every day is a party!

*** No party room is complete without fancy streamers.  Over at Just Lovely Things, Heather shares her steps for turning an inspiring Pinterest photo into a reality.

image source

*** A house party ought to involve the proper mood lighting. With an old egg carton or two, some paint, and a string of fairy lights, you can make this wonderful thing to hang up around the window.  Ooh, fancy! Make sure you check out all the pretty interiors and decorative touches over at the nib (norskeinteriorblogger) blog. 

image source

*** If this is a fancy-ish party, and if you are not the kind to spill whatever you're eating all over the front of your outfit, you can always wear something striking.  Go have a look at this Etsy shop: Jessalin Beutler. The Ribbon Stripe Grey Tee Dress looks good for an early fall shindig, plus there are some neat designs for guys.

image source

*** When I throw a party, I want people to take home party favors.  All my guests are getting cake in a jar, because I love it, and they might love it, too. I mean really, who doesn't love cake? Only weirdos. And they can just leave theirs behind so that I can eat more later. Instructions for multicolored cakes here and cakes in a jar here.

image source

*** And since I got a comment yesterday wanting to know what songs I listen to while I run, here is a selection from the longer playlist for your listening enjoyment :) I think it could double as a party playlist, no?

What are your party essentials? Any important celebrations coming up soon? Please feel free to share in the comments!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, I have the same problem with magazines! Why do I always think I will need to preserve them for future reference? I have a mountain. Tearing out inspiring pages makes way more sense. :)

That cake in a jar idea is so super cute! And rainbow! I have to try it!

Have a great weekend!

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