30 March 2010

FO: Acorn Hat

Yet another project off the needles! This one knit up in just record time (I had forgotten how fast large gauge things can be, since I've been working on socks and armwarmers so much recently), less than 24 hours from yarn winding to cast off.

Check out the brim! And some of my shiny gray hairs :)
This is Acorns by Melissa LaBarre, worsted weight version. I used Cascade 220 in the colorway Gris, which is quite difficult to describe. It's both purplish-gray and bluish-gray. I think it's just wonderful, and it will be great for next winter (or for the next couple of days if it stays windy).

The pattern is extremely well-written, and the finished lace really does look like acorns. I think this motif would be so much fun at a small gauge (see, I'm already back to my tiny dpn-loving ways!) for socks or mittens.

The only modification I made to the pattern as written was to use larger needles to get some extra slouch in the body of the hat. I did the ribbing with US7 needles, but switched to a US9 for the lace. Though it's scrunched a bit funny in this next picture, you get the idea.

You can also catch glimpses of the great neighborhood I get to enjoy. All these photos were taken in the park behind my apartment, which I can see from most of my windows. The little houses across the way are all unique, with features like turrets and gabled windows, and the park itself is fantastic in all seasons. This Sunday, all the neighborhood kids will be out in the morning for a group Easter egg hunt - what fun!
Apart from going to Mass nearly every night this week, which is my favorite part of the Easter season, I'll be hosting Easter egg dyeing with snacks on Saturday afternoon and making salmon, deviled eggs, and potato salad (delicious!) from Sunday brunch, at which we traditionally watch hokey, made for tv documentaries on religion and stage microwave peep battles. Do you have any exciting plans for the week?
P.S. I found out last night that I did pass that German exam I took last quarter - hooray! I credit knitting socks while reviewing verb forms :)

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Julie said...

Awesome hat!! I love the colour, and it's got a perfect slouch.

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