03 July 2009

Painting the town red

Last night we took our weekly girls' night out on the town, because my friend N. rented a car! We went to our favorite Chicago bar, which is called the Violet Hour, and which actually necessitates the taking of orange-lit pictures.

(N. and S. looking cute)

I spent the earlier part of the day working on my red sock design, and here's the cuff so far. The central repeat looks like pitted cherries to me,

and the side motifs remind me of strawberries or raspberries with their small seeds.

(Sorry about these blurry photos! It's early morning, grayish light, and red is hard to catch under those conditions. It's actually a much deeper color that what you see here)

I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a name, though, if anyone has suggestions! Berry pie? Summer berries? Let me know what you think...
Fourth of July fun starts tonight around here, so I'll definitely be back on Monday with some pictures. Happy Independence Day, everyone :)

1 comment:

Team Knit ! said...

awesome so far! I love the shots of blue- makes me think of spiderman. :)

- Julie

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