01 July 2009

EAST to SOUTH: Project Spectrum Update

June is officially over, and with the change in the calendar page (does everyone else love flipping over a new calendar page?!) comes a change in knitting focus. Lolly's fantastic idea for a way to appreciate different colors, textures, and crafts is already halfway done in its current incarnation, Project Spectrum Directions.

May and June were spent in the East, with an emphasis on yellow and air. While I don't love yellow, I was really attracted to the idea of knitting projects that could capture or evoke the element of air. As a personal challenge for myself, I decided that for each of the remaining directions I would design a pair of socks somehow related to the theme. Hence, the Birdwalk socks (Rav link).

I also whipped up an airy, gray scarflette from Laura Chau's wonderful "Simple Yet Effective Shawl" pattern (Rav). I chose gray because that's the color of the sky we were seeing around here through a lot of May and a good part of June.

With the Sunny Sky mitts and my Tesserae socks, I did try out a very golden yellow, and I may be coming to like this color a bit better.

Touches of it found their way into my jokingly named "Flying Monkeys" socks, but I went back to an airy blue for the BSG Viper Pilots socks (Rav).

Next we're on to the SOUTH and red (along with metal, summer, and fire!), and I've got a new sock design in the works. Here's a preview:

Look for more red projects coming up soon!

1 comment:

Lolly said...

You sure have been busy! what lovely projects all around :)

Love the shawl, this pattern has been in my queue for awhile... I really should just cast on for it already!

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