14 May 2008

Sum up and Secret Knitting

Lots of secret knitting going on here in preparation for the big Etsy update tomorrow (hopefully it will happen early tomorrow evening, when I have some free time to sit down and enter a bunch of info into the computer). This little stack of squooshy wool is part of the update. I'm happy to have such a great variety of colors to work with.

I also have some fancy sock yarn to show you, from Knittin' Pretty over on Etsy. It's 477 yards of her handspun superwash in the "It takes two" colorway. I'm excited to start a pair of toe-up socks for myself, maybe with an eyelet pattern? Only time will tell.

And I do mean time. This week is all about finishing up old work that should have been accomplished long ago so that I can finally get started on the new work due in, oh, 3 weeks. Right. Things are a little busy, and my desk looks like this:

Paper in editing mode, cards with fitness moves from the latest Self magazine (it had Jennifer Garner on the cover; how could I resist, really?), and yarn and knitting needles. Can you tell I've been a little scattered for the past few days? I'm finally starting to feel like I'm really making progress though, especially on the fitness front. My weight hasn't changed in the last week, but I'm feeling more toned, and I'm fitting into pants that were a bit too tight just a month ago. Hurrah! Now if only I could knit or edit papers on the treadmill...

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