09 May 2008


I'm full to the brim of exciting new plans and ideas today, mostly related to what I'm going to do with my summer (at this point in the quarter, the only thing that keeps me going is the anticipation of being finished with all the work that's taking over my life. That lovely rest will happen soon, if I can just stick it out for 4 more weeks!).

Exploring Chicago

Modern Art Museum (I haven't been yet - what's wrong with me?!)
Free music and music festivals downtown
Crafting (ooh, I'm plotting an etsy shop update on May 15th with all new goodies!)

I want to bake bread this summer
Finding new restaurants
Drinks in the backyard with friends

I want to reread Jane Austen
Translating Greek
More trips to the public library

For now, I can look forward to a weekend of productivity, both on the knitting front (some other Div School knitters are joining me for a knitting meetup at a local coffee shop tomorrow!) and in the realm of homework. Pictures of all this progress will be here tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Team Knit ! said...

Sounds like a great summer in the making!


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